Wild Berry Kush


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Wild Berry is an Indica-dominant hybrid that comes with a fruity fragrance and taste. It is a perfect blend of 30% Sativa and 70% Indica. This cannabis strain is known to come with fluffy, blue-green buds that have the shape of pepper. These buds come with small minty crystals and yellow-green hairs. It is highly recommended for use in the evening. 


It is known for providing deep mental relaxation and relieving the body of most kinds of body pains and muscle aches. It offers a strong cerebral high that inspires happiness and creativity, then it slowly moves the body into a sedated state, making it easy to drift into sleep.

Wild Berry Kush is a major Indica-dominant hybrid that was created by Annunaki Genetics as a crossbreed between the Blueberry and Blackberry Kush strains. It is one of the few strains out there that have a delicious fruity flavour. It easily boats of a taste that has hints of blueberry and sugar. It comes with an earthy and floral fragrance that many users love to have, and it is known to treat all symptoms of depression, stress, arthritis, anxiety, appetite loss and intense pain. Flavours Blueberry, Fruity Medicinal Stress, pain, insomnia, depression, headaches Effects Sleepy, happy, uplifted, relaxed, creative

Klobb -

Amazing fruity nose, sweet smoke. Love Mimosa for that special occation! you\'re friends will be jealous..

Brenda Sawchuk -

I found it to give me a nice social boost, uplifting and relaxed.

Matt -

Very nice great taste and good high

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