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Flowers / Indica

Watermelon Kush

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  Effect: Sleepy



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The Watermelon kush is a hybrid kush that is made up of 80%. This strain is known for its big, dense buds which are highly valued for its tremendous relaxation properties and THC content. Due to its relaxation properties, it is very effective as a sleep-inducing and appetite-inducing stimulant. It gets its name from the unique fruit-like watermelon flavour it gives off, with mild undertones of grape. This strain has a very high yield and it is known for being quite potent as well, with a flowering time requirement of ranging b tween 55-60 days.



This strain is a special strain due to the incredible mystery behind its original parentage. Its genetic background is completely unknown. However, it is known for having an excellent mix of terpenes that gives it a brilliant watermelon fragrance. This strain goes beyond just smelling nice to have an excellent sedative power with a THC content that has been estimated to fall somewhere between 11%-22%.


The Watermelon kush is characterized by big and chunky flowers that are capable of keeping the same shape even when they get trimmed. Its buds are very similar to the bud structures of most other Sativa varieties. It also comes with soft leaves which are coloured yellowish-green and can easily be detached from their stems when needed. Its flowers are known to have orange hairs which are also quite curly. These hairs serve as pistils which are used to catch pollen from any male plants trying to fertilize.

Asides from the incredible buds, this strain also comes with a thick layer of trichomes that gives it a sticky texture and a white surface. When this strain is properly treated, its flowers produce a fruit-like fragrance that smells like a perfect mesh of grape and tart berries. While grinding up these buds, it releases a skunky note but when combusted you get an excellent fruit-like taste upon inhale and a mild sour taste upon exhale.

The effects of this strain, just like most other Indica strains are not immediate. However, the effects begin with a tingling sensation that surrounds the eyes and forehead. This sensation gradually escalates into a warm feeling that takes over the entire body, ultimately resulting in a relaxed state.

Although watermelon is classified as one of the heavy Indica, it does not come with the strong high that is characterized by some of the stronger Indica strains. It is known for triggering creativity with its mind-numbing properties as well. It is also great as a sedative and can help tackle insomnia as well. Patients on treatment with medical cannabis could also benefit largely from the soothing effects of watermelon, as this strain is capable of relieving all forms of aches, pains and irritations.

It can also be used to treat depression as it has mood elevation properties as well. Because this strain does not trigger recursive thinking, it is not likely to lead to paranoia and this makes it a great option for those who have a low tolerance for THC content. Something worth noting is that watermelon is not being produced on a commercial scale yet. However, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Growing outdoors would require a semi-humid climate that is characterized by temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.




Sweet, tropical and berry


Stress, insomnia, pain, depression and lack of appetite



Relaxed, happy, euphoric, sleepy, and hungry

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