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Orange Cookies

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Orange Cookies is a cannabis strain that was created by Obsoul33t of Franchise Genetics. This incredible hybrid strain is a wonderful cross-breeding blend of Orange Juice and GSC. As you can already tell, this strain packs a whole lot of flavour, and a beautiful fragrance to go with it. A simple puff exposes its fresh tangerine flavour and aroma, giving the body a calm vibe along with a burst of euphoria to help users stay both joyful and relaxed.


Orange Cookies is a flavour packed strain that was developed by Obsoul33t of Franchise Genetics to be the ultimate flavour-focused hybrid. This strain was deliberately developed as a brilliant cross between Orange Juice and Girl Scout Cookies. There are even a few who argue that the original parent of this strain is not Girl Scout Cookies itself but a phenotype called Forum Cookies.

Regardless, the potency and the attractiveness of this strain gives it some of its most unique characteristics you can find on the market, which allowed it to win the award for the 2nd Best Hybrid Flower back in 2015’s High Times Cannabis Cup. This strain easily boasts of a 15-20% THC content and its average-sized hairy buds are known for being capable of handling the typical dense structure of diverse Indica varieties.


Its leaves are largely bright green but they come with a hint of purple as a result of the leaves reacting to colder than normal temperatures whilst being grown. The fresh citrus smell of Orang Cookies is emitted directly from the buds, and it is quite reminiscent of the popular pungent Sativa; Tangie. It is important to note that despite the hints of purple sported by this strain, it carries no berry flavours.

The onset of Orange Cookies usually begins with a burst of energy straight to the head, the body gets taken over by a gush of high that makes the body too heavy to be moved around. As the high begins to take its toll, users will find that they are more inspired, creative and thought–oriented than normal. However, this strain also ensures that users stay grounded and don’t get carried off into some overly paranoid dream. Due to these properties, it can be considered a well-balanced strain which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Orange Cookies is works excellently well for mood elevation, and for eroding symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain and depression. Its high properties allow quick relief from all forms of pain and body aches, and increased doses could lead to a night of deep and meaningful sleep. A few side effects associated with this strain are; bloodshot eyes and dry mouth.


Orange Cookies seeds are not available for sale on the market, hence it is a cloned strain. However, it can be properly grown both indoors and outdoors. When it is grown indoors, growers can expect a flowering period of about 7-9 weeks. Growers may also need to support the plant with stakes to ensure healthy growth as well.



Tropical, Fruity


Stress, pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety


Focused, relaxed, creative, cottonmouth, euphoria


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