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Concentrate / Shatter

Medex Shatter

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Medex is one of the authority brands in the CBD space, so since they started producing shatter, you can be certain that it\'s one of the best out there. Medex Shatter is made from the finest CBD isolates you can find on the market infused with plant-based terpenes. This shatter is made with CBD instead of a broad range of CBD spectrum distillates, making it unique and with 0% THC content. Although the Medex Shatter is already activated and ready for oral consumption, it is best practice to vaporize it, smoke it for dab it on a hot nail just like you would do with THC concentrates before consumption.


The Medex Shatter is an excellent alternative for CBD users who are looking to cut back on their THC consumption whilst enjoying their smoking habits. It is also ideal for users who want to completely avoid THC.




Stress, pain, depression, headaches


Energy boost, relaxed, creative, uplifts, relieves stress, analgesic features

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