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Firechews Cannabis Infused Gummies

  • $20.00

  Effect: Energized


The Firechews Cannabis Infused Gummies are a flavoured CBD edible that was created by the iconic brand Firebars. Firebars is most notable for their amazing chocolates but they also seem to have outdone themselves in the gummy space as well. Fused with 100 MG of THC Distillate content, this candy was created to be the perfect jump starter for your day. Firebars has ensured that this packs quite the punch.

The Firechews Cannabis Infused Gummies packs a combination of premium taste and effectiveness making it an excellent alternative from smoking cannabis flower. It does not come with the flavour or smell of cannabis, but it still manages to pack quite the punch. This is why you need to pace the consumption to each piece then wait an hour before taking another dose.

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