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Death Bubba

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  Effect: Sleepy



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Death Bubba is one of the special Kush crossings on the market. This strain was created by Matteo Suleyman who is based in Vancouver BC\'s Sea to Sky. Death Bubba is a wonderful blend of Death Star and Bubba Kush and it bears a purple unique purple colour. This strain is imbued with trichomes and terpenes and also has a pungent fragrance of skunk and grass. However, interestingly, it also comes with a sweet smoke with earth undertones. Its mild sedative properties are likely to keep users on their couch for some time. It serves as a great pain-relieving treatment as it is capable of taking away all forms of discomfort with ease.


If you are having difficulties sleeping, this aptly named cannabis strain is likely to be the solution to all your worries. This excellent strain has an Indica-dominant ratio of 70/30 and is bound to take you on a journey of a lifetime. The Death Bubba is one of the few cannabis strains that place Canada on the map when it comes to the production of Kush. With high THC levels at above 27%, this wonderful strain might just leave you in a waking coma.

Death Bubba is known for having white trichomes that comes along with brown hairs which smell a lot like a perfect blend of musk and pine. Its flavour is then topped off with spiced rum and lemon zest making it the perfect night companion. After taking your first puff, you are very likely to find your head in the clouds, the sudden burst of energy you find coursing through your veins will help you stay focused and also give you a creative boost. These properties are what makes death bubba an excellent night companion.

Death Bubba can handle all forms of stress and depression, and can also be used to simulate a user\'s mood. In no time, users are bound to experience a burst of happiness and euphoria, and this is usually accompanied by numbness of the body. Death Bubba can also easily be used to tackle insomnia. However, new users need to note that this strain is better suited for more experienced smokers.


Death Bubba is also a little tricky to grow as well. So, it is best left for growers with a bit more experience. Due to its excellent blend of taste and effectiveness, Death Bubba is a favourite option for so many people.



Spiced rum, lemon zest


Stress, pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety


Euphoric, happy, uplifted, relaxed, focused

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