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This strain gets its name from its sharp and sour fragrance. Cheese Kush is an Indica-dominant that originates from the UK and has gained increased popularity among users due to its brilliant potency and unique flavour. This strain also dates back to the 19080s of which it is said to have been created from a Skunk #1 female phenotype; a mix between Columbia (Sativa), Afghanistan (Sativa) and Mexico (Sativa) with a pungent fragrance that was like none other. Later on, certain breeders started introducing Afghani Indica genetics to increase its trichome production and yields. The Cheese Kush easily gets users into a relaxed and happy state that keeps them in full harmony with their minds and bodies.


This strain has been described as smelling as strong cheddar. This strain is known for taking effect fast and being very effective. At initial use, all users are known to experience a burst of happiness which is immediately followed by a strong, body-numbing high feeling that causes a surge in appetite. Although, there are a few people who have claimed that this strain made them feel more creative than tired, however, the sedative effects of this strain are really powerful.

A few of the side effects that are known to come with the use of the Cheese kush are bloodshot eyes, paranoia, cottonmouth, and dizziness. This strain has mood-lifting features of a Sativa and can be very effective for people who have issues of anxiety disorders and stress. It easily creates a heavy body feeling that relieves users of all forms of pain, and it can also be used to ward off insomnia and increase appetite for food.


Being a female phenotype, the only original strain that is available is a clone, but most other breeders have been able to replicate it in seed form by cross-breeding a female Cheese with some strains of Indica.





Stress, pain, insomnia, depression, headaches


Energy boost, relaxed, creative, uplifts, fights depression, relieves stress, analgesic features


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