Blue Coma


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The only known parent of Blue Coma is the Crystal Coma. It comes in multiple flavours which range from spicy to earthy, piney, sour, and fruity. Users of this bud tend to experience heightened feelings of euphoria and creativity, they also experience an onset of body numbness and increased appetite. A few symptoms that are quite noticeable with this bud is mild dryness of the mouth. Blue Coma has a THC content of 23-26% and CBD levels ranging between 1.5-2%. This bud will help with all forms of anxiety and pain, then gives its users bursts of happiness all day long.

Blue Coma is a brilliant hybrid bud with high THC content. It is popularly known for its mind patient and relaxation properties. It is an excellent choice for users who suffer from depression and anxiety and it is known for working even more effectively during the day. This bud is known to come from Afghanistan, Thailand and Mexico. This bud a complex bud and it gives off a complex smell that is reminiscent of a fruity fragrance. Additionally, the buds for this bud are covered in crystals. Flavours Tropical, Fruity Medicinal Stress, pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety Effects Euphoric, happy, uplifted, relaxed, focused

Connor -

Great for daytime smoking! Allows you to still be engaged with others but in a relaxed state of mind. Gives a nice warm feeling. Will buy again!

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